Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Italian Wedding Soup II

We finished off our Sunday by making Italian Wedding Soup. We've made Italian Wedding Soup before and we did it up very similarily this time - turkey meatballs, lots of onions and celery and parsley, carrots, spinach, and some good broth are all you really need.

Veggies, Ready To Go

Making Meatballs

Brown the meatballs first, add the veggies (hold the spinach) to the chicken broth/stock, then add the meatballs. When you're near-ready to eat, add your spinach and pasta and cook until the pasta is done. We crushed up some penne with a hammer in a paper bag to have some smaller pasta bits more suited to Italian Wedding Soup!

Simmering Away

The Final Product

A delicious end to a great Sunday - the Patriots won in a very tight and exciting game - so they are on to Indy to play in the AFC Championship on this upcoming Sunday... Sounds like we have another Sunday of food-and-football coming up!


wheresmymind said...

A hammer is a necessary tool for us on Friday nights when we're making 'ritas!

Boston Chef said...

Between hammering pasta and hammering candy canes, our hammer is going to have to be stored in the butcher block as a regular kitchen instrument along with the knives.

And you're right - a blender can never crush the ice right... you need a hammer for that job!

sher said...

I love that soup!! It looks so good, so comforting.