Sunday, February 05, 2006

Roasted Chicken with Sautéed Swiss Chard and Roasted Sweet Potatoes

The waiting game...

Thousands of words have been written about how Roasted Chicken is the most wonderfully delicious and easy dinner to make in the history of mankind. Who are we to argue?

We go simple: 5lb "oven stuffer roaster" Chicken, rinsed inside and out and then paper towel dried (be sure to remove the innards and either keep for cooking later or throw away!), generous salt and pepper inside the chicken, then whole, peeled garlic cloves and quartered lemons are stuffed in and we tie up the legs to keep the garlic/lemon inside. Then, generous salt and pepper all over the outside, layer of melted butter brushed on all over the outside, another layer of salt and pepper, another layer of butter and then try and coerce any leftover butter into the small hole left in the cavity if you can. Why the layers on the outside? OCD might be one reason... but it is really just to ensure thorough seasoning.

375 oven for 1.75 hours until internal thigh temp of 180. Then out and cover with aluminum until ready to eat!

We threw some cubed, seasoned sweet potatoes into the oven as the chicken was coming out - they were in for about 20 minutes, basically as long as we needed to wait for the chicken to settle and be carved.

We also bought some big, beautiful, leafy red swiss chard and sautéed that for five minutes or so with garlic and chopped olives in olive oil on the stove top as our final side dish. Woulda thrown some raisins in, but we were out!


Served all together, made a terrific dinner and some great leftovers!

* Chicken - 9 out of 10. Great crispy skin, wonderful roasted flavor, subtle garlic and lemon throughout... wonderful!
* Sweet Potatoes - 8 out of 10... very tasty, as usual.
* Swiss Chard - 8 out of 10... a great alternative side dish.

Up next - the Eggplant Parm disaster... :(

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