Monday, November 20, 2006

Cranberry Almond Wild Rice

Cranberries evoke that holiday good-will and yummy food excitement for me. Recently in the cafe at work they had a cold rice dish with plump juicy raisins in it, and it got me to thinking.

Why not simmer some dried cranberries in with my wild rice?? And what could make it even better? Nuts, that's right, crunchy nuts. So while the rice simmered, I toasted some slivered almonds up in a dry pan and I only added them to the rice once the rice had absorbed all the chicken broth.

This makes for an interesting sidedish with any meal! And how did it taste?? Well, M said not too many cranberries please because I only like their tartness in small doses. So I went easy on them, but I could've used more b/c once they plump up and simmer with the rice in chicken broth, their pungent flavor mellows and slightly infuses the whole dish.

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