Sunday, December 09, 2007

WCB - Blogging our Cat on the Weekend

It's still the weekend, so we're joining in the Weekend Cat Blogging at one of our favorite food blogs - Sher's What Did You Eat!

From our earlier post, you can see that this is his favorite spot:

And here is Osiris and his new toy, a q-tip that he found on the floor wayyyy on the other side of the house. He brought it over to that favorite spot in the kitchen.

Bonus picture:


sher said...

Hilarious! Amazing the lure of Q-tips for the feline mind. My cats have always found them fascinating. Thanks for taking part in WCB.

Anonymous said...

Q-tips, like pens, seem to be very popular with cats! I love the way he crouches behind it and looks at the camera, as if to say "Throw it and I'll run after it and bring it back!". I enjoy playing "fetch" with Puddy and her favourite pens and pencils! :)

Katie @ A Byootaful Life

sammawow said...

That is too cute. My cats have always liked Q-tips also.