Friday, March 28, 2008

Lamb Chops and Mint Mashed Potatoes

These free range Australian lamb chops were easy - they were tiny little T-bones of lamb loin chops (not shoulder, which is much tougher) which only needed to be pan-sautéed for a couple minutes on each side for to be done medium rare.

After a simple hour-long marinade in olive oil, ground pepper, and fresh mint and parsley - these went into a hot, oiled pan. Three minutes on side A, turn and two minutes on side B and then take them out and let them rest... Make sure your mashed potatoes are ready to go, because this tender, flavorful lamb won't last long after a few minutes rest! And - the only way to eat these was to pick them up and gnaw all the meat off - down to the bone!

I admit that I saw this on 30 Minute Meals avec Rachel Ray. She gets a bad rap, but once and awhile she has very cool recipe ideas - and this was one of them. Simply put some peeled and cubed Yukon Gold potatoes into some cold water, and bring to a boil and cook until fork tender. After draining, in the same pot I melted some butter and sautéed a couple cloves of garlic until soft, then I added some thawed frozen green peas.

After those were warmed through, I put the potatoes back in the pot, added some milk (you could get decadent with cream!), S&P and some chopped up fresh mint and flat-leaf parsley (about 1/2-cup of each) - and mashed it all together with my potato masher!

These mashed potatoes had such a Spring-like fresh quality to them, and they went very well with the lamb. Welcome, spring! We're ready!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE lamb, but it rarely comes out the way I'm hoping it will. Now I have an excuse to give it another go.

And the potatoes are a fantastic idea.

Thank you.


Boston Chef said...

Hope you gave it another shot, Tom!

Stories by David said...

Hello mate greatt blog