Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fish Tacos

Can we please take a break from the grill, she said? Just to mix it up a bit, you know? Well, sure, as long as we use our grill pan to cook the fish on...no one can escape the grill. With that being said, we reinvented our famous fish tacos, and now they are a hundred times better. We used to cut up cod/haddock in chunks, dredge them in flour and fry them up in some canola oil. Good, but not overly-flavorful...it relied heavily on the sauce we mix up to give it zing (taco sauce mixed with some tartar sauce and chopped fresh cilantro, chilled well.)

This time M got a nice piece of haddock which he marinated in white wine, lime juice, cilantro, sliced jarred jalapenos - plus a big splash of the jalapeno juice - for 30 minutes. M put the whole filet on a hot grill pan, only flipping once. While M was busy with the fish, S sauteed up some onion and garlic in some EVOO, then added some rinsed and mashed black beans to the pan with some salt. After about 5 minutes, beans done, fish done.

Using WHEAT tortillas (yes, S is still tormenting M with the no white flour dealie), we built our tacos with the fish, black beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato and sauce. The fish alone was an amazing standout....so flavorful and healthier than our fried version. This definitely gets a thumbs up and we would certainly serve it for guests.


Anonymous said...

I love fish tacos. I almost made some last week. Now you've got me to hankering for them--yours sound great.

Boston Chef said...

Did you ever make fish tacos, sher?

So delicious... we have to make these again, ourselves, just so we can get better pics! ;-)