Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Penzey's Fox Point Seasoning

Let's be clear right from the beginning - we have no money invested in Penzey's, Penzey's LLC, PenzCorp, Penzelino's Importing and Exporting... or whatever the company is called. We are not being paid by PenCo., Mr. Penzey, or the P.B.B. (Penzey Boosters of Boston). We are merely fans and customers of Penzey's spices, so please know that our intentions are completely pure and unsolicited!

We learned about Penzey's through other food blogs (Kalyn's Kitchen, specifically) and knew we needed to update our old spice rack with some newly-bought essentials from a well-known and somewhat reputable source.

Well, Santa came through this year (Stacey's Parents, actually) with a great gift box containing several Penzey's containers and bags full of spices! Mexican Oregano, ground cumin, sea salt, etc. Plus a bunch of pre-mixed blends, including:

Fox Point Seasoning INGREDIENTS: salt, shallots, chives, garlic, onion and green peppercorns. It is very garlic-and-chivey with certain saltiness, it includes freeze-dried shallots, chives, and scallions, making it fresh-tasting and light, and very green. It probably most resembles a dry vegetable dip packet - indeed they've got a recipe for a vegetable dip right on the container.

We made a different version of the dip for our Ulitmate Veggie Platter at our New Year's Eve Party - 1 Cup sour cream with about/almost/not quite 3/4 cup mayo, a bunch of fresh chives and fresh parsley chopped up real good, and many, many shakes of Fox Point. After a couple hours in the fridge, it came out nicely seasoned and very fresh.

But that's just the beginning... we've put it on turkey sandwiches, as a chili topper, on nachos, in salads, part of the seasoning for burgers, etc. It is great on anything on the light side, but also works with more heavy, meaty stuff if bolstered with some ground black pepper and other spices.

One of our favorite applications is Scrambled Eggs: 4 eggs beaten up and a few splashes of milk, then many, many shakes of Fox Point, and mix again. Start a medium-sized pan on medium heat and add a little butter and, after a minute, some shredded deli-sliced ham - preferably smoked. After a few minutes head start for the ham, in goes the egg mixture and stir/fold gently until the eggs start to come together and they are about 50% of the way there.

Add a handful of shredded cheddar cheese and continue to fold. Take the eggs out as soon as they're ready for you and eat with whole wheat toast - delicious! The Fox Point acts as all the seasoning and the eggs come out great.

ENJOY! And if Mr. Penzey reads this - SEND MORE SPICES, PLEASE!


wheresmymind said...

Do ya'll go over to Super 88...got some good spices at far cheaper prices than Pezney's

Boston Chef said...

We do go to Super 88 for lots of supplies - great prices on things like olive oil, kosher salt, canned tomatoes, and other staples like that.

Super 88 is such a trip, we used to go to the one on Washington St. in the South End - feels like you are shopping in China when you go there. More recently, we go to the South Bay one, which is a little bigger and more "Americanized".

Definitely worth a trip for anyone in the Boston area!

Kalyn Denny said...

Hey, I think I better try Fox Point Seasoning! And my latest Penzey's catalog just came today!