Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Tour of Our Kitchen

The view across the island to the sink/prep/cooking area, you can see the deck right outside those windows...

When we bought this place over a year ago, an obvious selling point was the kitchen. We were cooking more and more and knew that we liked spending time in the kitchen, so we wanted a comfortable, warm place with room to sit and eat and as much counterspace as we could fit. That's a tall order in Boston, but we definitely got what we wanted in our Orange Kitchen - where we spend most of our non-sleeping hours while at home. And, in the spirit of other bloggers showing their kitchens, here are some pics of our kitchen!

So, how to explain how we're watching football in the kitchen all day...? Knowing how much time we like to spend in the kitchen - and knowing the amount of sports/cooking shows/nature shows/home improvement shows we like to have on WHILE cooking - we decided to hang a television on one wall across from the sitting area of the kitchen. We used a cantilever to hang the TV and we can swivel it over towards any area of the kitchen. Here's the view across the kitchen towards the TV:

Here's Stacey in the sitting area, working on the laptop - our blogging center!

So that's where all the magic happens! Back soon with more!


wheresmymind said...

Interesting layout...I'm jealous of all the space!

Anonymous said...

Love your kitchen! The colors and woods are really beautiful.

Boston Chef said...

Thanks - the orange color in these pictures is a little REDDER than how it appears to the naked eye. The paint is actually "rust".

We knew it was fate when we first walked in... we wanted an orange kitchen!