Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Hey we're here! Hope you've been checking out Boston Twins... That kinda explains what we've been up to. But we're still here! We're still cooking when we can! And we look forward to being able to return to the cooking we love (and posting on here) in the coming months now that Ava and Colin are sleeping more (10 hours at a time!).

Corned beef and cabbage - we look forward to it every year. We got a nice, lean-looking 4lb flat cut corned beef and sliced off the layer of fat on the one side. That was key, in the past we've had corned beef that was too fatty, or the results too greasy from the fat. This one came out nice and lean.

We put the trimmed beef into our dutch oven with some halved boiling onions, a few garlic cloves, a bunch of tellicherry peppercorns, some mustard seeds, and three big bay leaves. We topped that with a can of Guinness and then filled in to above the beef with cold water. Heated that to a low boil, then covered and simmered for 3.5 hours.

Towards the end we started our veggies - first turnips, then carrots, then potatoes, and finally cabbage into a boiling pot that we had augmented with a couple scoops from that cooking liquid in the corned beef pot. When the veggies are ready, cut the beef against the grain, scoop out some veggies and apply some salt and margarine, dollop a dollop of dijon mustard next to the corned beef, and enjoy!

We loved how this lean version came out - VERY flavorful with little of that grease. PERFECT for leftover sandwiches!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! SlĂ inte!


legend_018 said...

If you happen to get this, just curious, do you actually use a separate pot for the veggies. I couldn't tell if you scooped out the juices from the pot that is cooking the beef in, it sounded like it. Than I was wondering if you also put water in the new pan that your going to boil your veggies in, or was the juices you scooped out enough.

Boston Chef said...

Hello again, Legend!

Yes we did the veggies in a separate pot. We added some of the juice from the corned beef pot to the water in the new veggie pot just to give it that flavor from the corned beef. That veggie pot is mostly water, maybe 80% water augmented with 20% juice (a couple big ladles) from the beef pot.

Hope this clears it up! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

legend_018 said...

great thanks

Tourisme Constructif said...

Thaanks for the post