Monday, May 22, 2006

A Life-Changing Event

Our lives changed today - changed forever for the better. A door to a new world has opened up for us, leaving us giddy with anticipation for what lies ahead. Our culinary lives will never be the same - indeed, the sky is now limitless - after this glorious day in May, 2006...

Today we got our grill!!!

We are looking forward to many years of use from the grill - a Weber Silver Series B. We got right to work by hooking up the tank and checking all the connections for leaks. Everything looking good, we wiped down the enameled cast iron grates, positioned the grill in the spot we wanted, and fired it up. Preheating it with all three burners on high takes about 10 minutes to get the grill to temperature - 600 degrees.

We immediately dove in with some Sirloin Steak Tips that had sat in worcestershire, steak seasoning, and water for 30 minutes. About 15 minutes total cooking time, turning to get all sides. We enjoyed these tender tips with chips and a cut up cuke for lunch, and plotted our night's sacrifice to the grill gods...

For our first evening with our new baby, we wanted to go big. We trimmed the fat off of a sampler pack of chicken pieces - two split breasts, three drumsticks, and three thighs - and put them in a freezer bag with a quick marinade of worcestershire, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, hot sauce, salt, pepper, and garlic/onion powder and let them sit in the fridge for about an hour.

We peeled back the husks from two corns on the cobs and removed the silks, then put the husks back up and secured them with some kitchen string. We soaked those in cold water for an hour. We also cut up some red pepper into big chunks and let them sit in olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Preheated all three burners on high again (this is S.O.P.) then we turned all the burners down to medium, we put the chicken skin side down right down the center of the grill (horizontially). We let the skin side get a sear for a couple minutes, then flipped them over in their spot and turned off the center burner. This will allow for indirect cooking, having the front and back burners heating the grill cook the chicken without direct heat from below.

After 10 minutes, we added the corn to the medium direct heat in the back. Looking for 30 minutes for the corn, turning every 10 minutes.

With 15 minutes to go, we added the red peppers.

The drums came off first, then the thighs, corn and peppers and we were ready to eat. The breasts took a little longer - they'll be for leftovers after the GYM the next night.

Everything came out delicious! The peppers were wonderfully roasted - will definitely try charring whole peppers over high heat. The chicken was fantastic, perfectly cooked - we usually brine chicken pieces but didn't have the time, can't wait to try that. The corn was great, too - very SWEET! Maybe a few more minutes for the corn next time.

All-in-all, what a wonderful day - Banana pancakes with eggs and bacon for breakfast, tips and chips for lunch, and grilled chicken and corn for dinner!

THANKS to those that helped us buy this grill, we still had some Home Depot house-warming gift cards from friends and family. We had to buy the grill, the cover, the tank, fill the tank, and rent a Home Depot van to get it home... but with the gift certs, 10% off by opening a credit card (which is 0% APR for this purchase and will immediately be paid off and never used again), and a $50 gift card rebate, we were very happy with the cash out-of-pocket that we spent.

Looking forward to lots of experiments with the grill and really working to get the best flavor out of it by cooking on it ALL THE TIME!

Here's to many days of cooking outdoors this summer!


Stacey and Michael


Anonymous said...

She's a beaut, congradulations! Definatly worth the effort of getting her home. I'll do a no-more-rain-please dance for you so you can grill to your hearts (and stomach's) content.

Boston Chef said...

The delivery was quite a process. I removed the top of the cover and the grates to reduce the weight. We still had to get it up our back steps, but Stacey was a trooper and we were able to lug it up and get the van back within the 75- minute rental period.

Looks like nice weather this week!

Anonymous said...

That looks great! I still have the old fashioned Weber Kettle, so I'm envious. I'm sure we will be treated to a lot of great photos of things you've cooked on your grill. Looking forward to it.

Leonard said...

You are terrible -- those pictures are so good that my mouth is watering and I don't access to that food to safisfy my cravings brought about by those pictures!

Seriously, you have some great pictures and ideas for cooking. Thanks so much.