Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Our Visitor

We had a visitor stay with us for almost a week - part of the reason we were posting so infrequently. Our nephew, Jackson, came and stayed with us in Boston! He is one year and two months old. He thoroughly enjoyed his visit, even though it rained the whole time.

Jack even got to go up to Maine and visit his Great-Grandmother, along with his Grandparents and Great Aunt and Uncle! We also went to Haverhill, MA later that same day and he got to meet his Dad's cousin and his Dad's cousin's daughter, Jordan! I guess that makes them cousins once removed?

He was very well behaved and a perfect house-guest... We wish the same could be said about his parents!

Here is Jack with his father!

He loves balloons and he was fascinated by our fish tank!

Bath time...

Jack and Jordan

Stacey has her hands full!!!

Dad reading to Jack and Jordan:

Jack and I sleeping after a long day in the car... We both get cranky without our naps.


Anonymous said...

Oh, he's so adorable!!!!!


Boston Chef said...

Thanks - and Jack's pretty cute too!

OH YOU MEANT JACK!!! Got it. ;-)

Ok, back to cooking posts after this diversion! Jack's Dad (my brother) is back in town tonight so we're going to experiment with smoking (hickory chips) and the new grill...